Sky River Natural Health Services:

Basic Naturopathic Medical Care: Protect your health and prolong the enjoyment you get out of life.

From ages 5 -100, basic naturopathic care includes diagnosis and treatment of all acute and chronic illnesses, yearly check-ups, gynecological exams, sports physicals, and more.

Traditional naturopathic treatments include prescriptions for botanicals, homeopathics, nutritional supplements, physical medicine modalities such as spinal/extremity manipulations, recommendations for a health-promoting lifestyle and dietary modifications. Additionally, conventional pharmacologic agents can be used if indicated.

Allergy and Sensitivity Testing

Find a wide variety of testing available to diagnose environmental and food-related allergy and sensitivity issues. Allergies contribute to our overall level of inflammation and inflammation is the root of a large number of our health problems. Based on your individual history, we may recommend a variety of testing methods.

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

If you would like to turn back the clock on the aging process and feel more balanced, sleep better, have stronger libido and enjoy other benefits of bioidentical hormone therapy, we may be able to help.

B12 Injections

B-12 is a vitamin that is necessary for the production of energy for every cell in the body. There are several forms of B12 on the market and available for injection. Methylcobalamin is the least toxic and most bioavailable form of B12 and is our favorite choice for a series of energy-boosting (and painless) treatments.

Scenar Therapy

A revolutionary medical device from Russia, the Scenar device, is used by the doctors and medical assistant here at Sky River Natural Health to assist you in the healing process. Your nervous system operates in one of two modes – sympathetic or parasympathetic. The sympathetic system, commonly known as fight or flight, is the one you utilize under stress. Your blood flow is shunted away from your gut and into your arms and legs to prepare you for flight. The parasympathetic system is referred to as “rest and digest” and it is the mode in which we take a deep sigh of relief, relax and most importantly heal our bodies.

The Scenar device sends electrical waveforms into the body that are parasympathetic in shape. This waveform combined with the biofeedback capabilities of the device results in re-training your nervous system to operate effectively from the relaxed, parasympathetic state. This translates into instant pain relief and restoration of the body’s healing capacity.

You will experience a comfortable tingle or buzz from the device and may receive a 20 - 60 minute treatment sitting, lying down or going through various ranges of motion. Depending on how long you have been experiencing pain and the severity of the condition, you may need anywhere from 1-12 treatments for long lasting pain relief and a return to health.

Physical Medicine, Acupuncture and Craniosacral

If you need hands-on bodywork in addition to Scenar therapy, you may receive myofascial work, joint manipulations, or a prescription for therapeutic exercises to do at home. In addition, Dr. Dominika Neary and Dr. Karen Yorgan are trained in craniosacral therapy – a gentle hands-on approach to releasing fascial restrictions and restoring the optimal flow of cerebrospinal fluid through your brain and spinal column by manipulating the bones of the skull and spine. Dr. Karen Yorgan is trained in acupuncture and Chinese herbs.